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What is Chatter Pets Animal Community?

         Just like Facebook, Myspace, Linkdin and many other social network websites, Chatter Pets is a social community uniting people around the globe who love animals and their pets. Pets have been around for thousands of years, starting with the cavemen, Egyptian and Greek times. Many people over the years have had numerous pets as companionship, partners in crime, work and play. Having a pet is almost as common as owning a vehicle. Many people truly love their animals and there's no better way then to showcase your very own pet right here on Chatter Pets!

         What makes our website so unique? Having a social network that is all about people and their animals being able to network with other friends, family and just about anyone to discuss all kinds of pet related information is a fun and educational way to bring everyone together. Chatter Pets allows you to do many of the same things as other websites such as chat, post pictures and albums, create a profile, add information about you and your pet, polls, animal groups, add a friends list, and many other features. Being able to keep in touch with others and connect with animal lovers everywhere is what loving pets is all about!

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        At the very top of the Chatter Pets website you can use many of the cool features to connect and update your profile to find others who have pets! To begin Chatter Pets all you have to do is create your very own account, then update your Pet account with information about them and you. Anything you want to share that you want others to know is what makes it fun. Once you've created and updated your information then you can use any of the features at the top such as; Albums (to add new photos you can post new photos), Invite (to get other people you know to get their own profile), Blog (to write your own personal blog about your pet or tell people you know about them), Forums (to display fun information and events or happenings), post videos and links to great pet websites and much more!

       As you see, our community has so many features to start with and we are constantly updating information and adding new options to Chatter Pets! We really want you to spread the word about our awesome pet and animal service today! Tell your friends, co-workers, family, and anyone you know on or off the web. Create your pet profile and start chattering it up about numerous topics including but not limited to animal related subjects and more. Join the Chatter Pets revolution today and get connected to the network of pets!


Sincerely, The Staff at Chatter Pets Animal Network


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